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Girl Gang Forever Tee


This tee is so close to my heart - and I know it will be to yours too. The first design I ever released - made with absolute pure love to celebrate you and your girl gang. This OG design will never, ever get old - especially when you can snag it in all of the colors your heart desires. 

From my heart to yours - celebrate your girl gang.

PS - I'm including the first batch of copy I wrote for this baby, for your viewing pleasure.


Designed by me, for you.

Screen printed by hand in North Carolina.

100% Cotton

Unisex fit


Our original product description, because this is our intention for the tee:

There’s just something about our girl gang that makes us want to scream it from the roof tops. Picture me standing on a roof top across from you right now. You wonder what I’m yelling into the wind when all of a sudden it hits you “GIRL GANG FOREVER!”

It’s at that moment you turn to realize your very own girl gang has just opened the door and they are coming out onto the roof top for a glass of wine and a plate of cheese. It’s time to revel in the love of your girl gang. This shirt is our way of helping you do it in style.

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