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About Us


Feminist Goods Co. is all about womxn (duh, right?). Our biggest joy is being a part of how you celebrate yourself and your communities. Our goal is to instill each womxn with the feeling that you can conquer the world - and that you already have all of the tools to do it.

How are we doing it? Designing and thoughtfully making all sorts of things for you, from tees to prints and everything in-between. 

We want to celebrate everything that you are, here in this moment, alongside everything that you will become. We want to celebrate your growth. The struggles that you are overcoming. Your successes. Your dreams. 

We want you to know that you are deserving of everything you dream of exactly as you are. Not only that, but you have exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. You are ready. You are celebrated. You are home. You are complete. 

We believe in intersectional feminism.

We believe that feminism is for everyone. Every gender. Every sexuality. Every identifier. 

We donate 10% of our annual proceeds to charitable organizations (evaluated monthly) because we want everyone to feel that way. 



We create based on the belief that womxn are powerhouses. That above all else, your clothing should represent your values, while donating money to charitable organizations and causes making a difference. From Planned Parenthood to Black Visions Collective to Time Out Youth and more.



We believe that together we can make the world a safer, more equal place, while celebrating those we love.
We believe that we can form change one woman at a time, one conversation at a time and one protest at a time.
We believe that all feminism should be intersectional and that if we are together we can smash the mother fucking patriarchy.
We believe in dissenting. We believe in voting. We believe in representation.


Lauren is the founder, maker & creative behind Feminist Goods Co., which she founded in 2016. She is a fierce supporter of womxn, dedicated to creating safe, welcoming spaces and celebrating your chosen family through what she produces here at FGC. She is a self taught designer, potter, and maker who steadfastly refuses to pigeonhole herself into one area of creativity. She is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, active Democrat and intense believer in intersectionality.

She'd love to hear from you at