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Why Your Instagram Activism Matters

Why Your Instagram Activism Matters


These days people who post lots of current news articles and stories on their Instagram accounts tend to catch a lot of smack.

It's seen as not doing anything to actually further the cause or issue.

A recent example is the Sudan Revolts - if you were on social media during this time you likely saw a lot of profile pictures change to a deep blue to support Sudan. Almost immediately there was backlash in the form of comments saying that changing a picture doesn't actually change anything.

That's where we disagree. Yes, the literal changing of an image, or sharing of a story may not directly impact the issue - sharing news about Sudan or the Amazonian Rainforest fires doesn't make them stop. However, it does raise awareness of these things, as well as spreading the opportunity for people to do things like make donations to relevant groups. It is important to follow actions like changing a profile image up with additional action - being sure to donate money if relevant, partaking in protests, etc. 

I was one of the people who turned their profile picture blue, while posting about the Sudan Revolts in addition to donating. I personally received a handful of dm’s asking me why I changed my profile picture. In having conversations with people asking about this, I  realized that many of them had hone on to change theirs once they were aware of what was happening- continuing the conversation with their networks.

Something as small as changing a profile picture can kickstart conversations, spreading awareness one person and network at a time.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • If you are financially stable and are able to donate (even if it’s $5 which is one fancy coffee), please do!
  • Start conversations within your community.
  • Answer questions and share resources, like articles and activist groups, when asked. 

I’m a firm believer in some help being better than no help - and we can all help in small ways.

Support your local mini activists. Join them. Appreciate them. No activism is too small.