What we can do to support our freshman class of women in congress

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the country just sat it’s most diverse Congress in history - a hard fought milestone. With representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Deb Haaland, Jahana Hayes, Ilhan Omar and more - taking their places in Congress along side women such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren we have already seen repeated attacks from conservatives - dance gate anyone? - which show no signs of stopping soon.

While this Congress is fighting to gain traction on issues like universal healthcare, tax repeals and immigration and customs chances, one question has been popping into conversation in FGC headquarters - what can we do to support our new class of women in Congress, and the women in politics across the country?

  1. Don’t Stop Talking - Just because the new Congress is active and we have passed through voting season doesn’t mean we should settle back. Now is a perfect time to continue discussion, be it with your friends and family, or on Twitter, keep the discourse going! We can all impact the conversation and we can all show support and thanks to the women who are out there fighting for us every day. Personally, I respond to posts that these women make on Twitter, I tune into their Instagram Live’s and I’m still talking myself blue in the face about what changes need to be made. If you aren’t tuning in to AOC’s Instagram Live’s, start - last night she shared post carts from furloughed workers telling her to stand her ground and not build the wall. We have to get Toupee Fiasco out of office at the next Presidential election.

  2. Protest - Show up in the streets. Join protests in your home city and show up to protests in DC and around the country if you are able. Join the Women’s March. Join the March For Our Lives. Join the March For Science. Raise your voice.

  3. Know Who Your Local Legislators Are & Contact Them - Here is an extremely useful Twitter thread from a an ex-Congressional staffer on how to get in touch with your representatives. It does look like some of this is changing, as we see politicians across the board responding more to social media, but we need to take all angles into account. Find your representatives here. Sign up for their email lists and GO to their town halls. Make sure your voice is being heard. Put pressure on our opponents.

  4. Stay On Top Of The News - Yes, it’s exhausting, but staying informed is something we need to do. Keep yourself informed. Pick your sources carefully. Fact check the giant cheeto. Come prepared to conversations. Sign up for your congresswomen’s email lists.

  5. Prepare For The Next Election - Join organizations and help mobilize voters. We have two years to take back this Presidency and every single day matters. Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick list:

    1. League Of Women Voters

    2. Swing Left

    3. Sister District

    4. Organizing For Action

    5. Rock The Vote

    6. When We All Vote

  6. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Be prepared to contribute financially to campaigns you see as worthy. Sign up for those email lists we discussed earlier. Think about how to fund organizations in your community. Think about who you would donate money to for a Presidential campaign. Every dollar matters. Every person matters. Let’s take funding to the people.


The most power we have is our collective force - let’s make sure that it is seen and heard..

Read more about the women of Congress from the New York Times.

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