Showing Up For Yourself

Showing Up For Yourself

Showing up: an easy, but broad concept.

You show up for many people and priorities in your life, but when was the last time you showed up for yourself? Be honest. And no, I don’t mean taking a quick nap as a “self-care” moment. I mean, taking a day off when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I mean taking a social media break when you know it’s only going to make you feel worse. Spending the day outside, basking in the sun. Taking some alone time to recharge. When was the last time you actually showed up for your own needs? 

There are plenty of things I show up for in my life. Whether it be school work, my job, my friends, family, or random strangers, I always manage to show up for them all. When it comes to showing up for myself, I rarely ever do. I don’t take a self-care day. I don’t go outside. I don’t spend time catering to my needs. By doing this, I just get stressed, depressed, and I begin to isolate myself. Sounds like someone you know?

This mentality of showing up for only others not yourself creates a mountain of stress that’s just waiting to avalanche down on your mental health and well-being. When balancing work, school, friends, family, significant others, bills, and more, it’s easy to put yourself aside to focus on other priorities. Don’t let this mountain be a normal part of your everyday life! Sure, work, school, and loved ones are priorities, but be sure to squeeze yourself in there somehow. Whether it be taking a few hours or days off, show up for yourself.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to destress and show up, give them a try and let me know what you think!

1.    Use Your Creativity– Paint, doodle, draw, crochet, make clay earrings (because #trends). Channel your stress into creativity - it might just give you some inspiration.

2.    Interact with Animals– Go to a Cat Café (for your Charlotte locals, Mac Tabby Cat Café and Daily Mews Cat Café are perfect for any cat lover)! Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Ask your friend to let you dogsit for a bit. Sometimes, it’s nice to get away from human interactions. 

3.    Do an Entire Self-Care Routine– Cook yourself a nice meal. Do an entire hair routine from start to finish. Paint your nails. Take a hot bath. Do a face mask. Do whatever you want to do! As long as you’re focusing on yourself, who cares? 

4.    Clean Your Space– A common phrase is, “The messier your life, the messier your room”. CLEAN UP! The more you declutter your space, a little less stressful your life will be! 

5.    Schedule a Therapy Session – Want to cry? Talk to your therapist. Want to vent? Talk to your therapist. Want to get a clear head? Talk to your therapist. Literally just want to sit down and talk about life? Talk to your therapist! If you are not able to pay for a therapist and you’re in Charlotte, Psychology for All provides a free 8-week session.

6.    Buy Some Plants– Do I really need to elaborate? You can’t go wrong with plants! 

7.    Treat Yo’ Self– Buy that pair of shoes you’ve always been wanting but felt like you didn’t deserve. Buy that meal. Upgrade your drink. You deserve it! 

8.    Get Outside– Tan. Swim. People watch. Walk. Nap. Run. Whatever you want to do while being outdoors, do it! Sometimes, you just need to take in a deep, fresh breath of air. Just like plants need some sunlight to grow, so do we. 

9.    Turn Off Your Phone– Unless there is something really important going on (ex. your work requires you to be on your phone, family emergency, etc), get off. Delete your social media just for the time being. Phones can be a bundle of stress! Let go for a little and enjoy what’s in front of you. 

No matter what you choose to do, remember to prioritize yourself! Even when things get rough, remember you are just as important the other things on your agenda. Treat yourself. Prioritize yourself. Show up.

Dec 20, 2020

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