Reusable Market Tote Bag Release


You all were cracking me up with your guesses yesterday on Instagram about what the new release is going to be AND HERE THEY ARE!

Perfect for picnic packing, grocery shopping, farmers market wandering, stashing in the car for trinket carrying and so so much more! I am so so so SO excited for these to be in your hands. Drawing these 🍑, 🍓, beets and monsteras was so so fun and each bag has an affirmation worked into them to encourage you and power your activities.

Shop the bags here:

  • Peaches
  • Beets
  • Strawberries
  • Monsterras

I loved drawing these patterns because:
1. I am obsessed with each one of these fruits and plants 
2. I got to include affirmations that we all need to hear
3. Because making beautiful, functional, powerful pieces for you powers me!

Because i love you, big time.

See my attempt at a cute Reel showing these bags off here!

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