Reflections On FGCs Growth

I frequently see graphics that say something along the lines of "past you would be so proud of how far you've come," but how often do I think about that climb? Almost never. Now is as good a time as any, so let's take a look together.

🏃‍♀️ I started Feminist Goods Co. in 2017, making enamel pins right when they were peaking.

👕 In 2018 I started working on FGC in in earnest and thought to myself, why not graphic tees?

📰 In 2019 I added paper goods, additional clothing options, started thinking about home goods and built up wholesale partners and platforms. I became my own PR person, landed coverage with several major publications and started building my relationships with journalists (hey, I love you, thank you).

🛒 In 2020 I hired my first intern and started working with Nest, which exposed me to mentorship and experts in all areas of business. I picked an annual goal of landing one partnership with a major national brand I believed in.

🛍️ That goal came true with Madewell in 2021, where I am INSANELY proud to be carried. In 2021 I have let go of some products, created entire new lines (have you seen my candles) and am now officially carried in at least one store per state nationwide (wild!).

🎁 This week I shipped my largest ever wholesale order, which was completely made of up products I wasn't even making one year ago.

Running a small business is not easy. It is not always fun (looking at you supply chain). It is not champagne at photoshoots and shipping that always goes smoothly. It is extremely challenging and occasionally makes me want to pull every single hair out of my head.

Would I change it? Some parts. Would I offer myself tools that I put off paying for because I didn't think they were necessary? Definitely. At the end of every day, week, month and year it is mine - and I'd choose it again.

If you're interested you can peep my goods alongside many other fantastic finds in this years Holiday Gift Guide from Madewell

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