Pride 2021

🌈 Pride month is here and this year I am feeing particularly full of things to say and share with you all over the course of this month. When you shop with me you are supporting a queer woman owned business that works with and supports the LGBTQIA+ community through donations, partnerships, volunteering and more.

This bisexualish queer (because what the heck are labels anyway) is so thankful for that - for you and for the opportunity you give me to do good.

This month our donations will go to @timeoutyouthcenter - an organization doing so so much good for queer youth right here in my hometown of Charlotte, NC.

It took me many years to identify my queerness & many more years to lean into it and embrace it. Labels are still somewhat baffling to me, so I tend to use queer/bisexual for myself. I remember being young and thinking that I just really wanted to BE someone, when the reality (now that I have the ability to examine it) was that I wanted to BANG someone. All of that said, being MYSELF freely has been the biggest joy of my life thus far and is something not everyone gets the chance to be - if that’s you, I see you & you matter.

In exciting product news, THE PRIDE AFFIRMATION IS LIVE! This collaboration with @rachel_tenny is one of my favorite things EVER.

A few weeks ago I asked our queer community on IG what affirmations they tell themselves, or would tell a younger version of themselves. It was absolutely incredible to hear from you all and to see what loving words you speak to yourselves and others (have I mentioned lately that I just thing you’re INCREDIBLE!?) and it has been absolutely so so wonderful to bring that to life through this print.

These words are filled with so much love and tender care and it really just makes me smile. We all deserve to know that we are valid and cherished exactly as we are and this print captures that sentiment - and others - so so well. I wish my younger queer self had had this print, but my adult queer self does and you can too!

Happy Pride love bugs. I love you all big time. 🌈

Shop all Pride.

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