Madewell Partnership Extension

Oh hey there, ISN'T IT EXCITING?! FGC has been invited to continue selling on Madewell, which is not only a fantastic opportunity for the brand but is also an incredibly encouraging invitation and acknowledgement of how well FGC has done this year.

Thriving during a global pandemic is not what I had on my bingo card for 2020/2021/2022 but here we are and we are doing the dang thing - and it's because of YOU. I  do not have the words to express how much your support has meant this year (and always) and how insanely grateful I  am for each and every single one of you and every item that you have bought here on the website, or through our partnerships. 

Madewell has always been one of my absolute favorite retailers and being a part of the Madewell Hometown Heroes program was an absolute pleasure. I  am looking forward to continuing to spread FGC's message and share FGC's products with Madewell's community! 

Check out FGC on Madewell here.

Read my interview with Madewell here.

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