Feminist Feature: Maxie McCoy, Author & Speaker

I first met Maxie McCoy about three years ago at Create & Cultivate, where she was speaking and hosting a mentor session. I had been following her online for a while and was desperate to meet her and talk to her about her mission - supporting the rise of women. At the time I was a writer and Feminist Goods Co. was just an idea brewing in the back of my mind. Maxie was, and is, a creative force to be reckoned with. She is a person that instantly connects and her excitement for life and work is so palpable that you could legitimately cut it with a knife and have it as a snack. Since our first meeting Maxie has continued her epic rise, speaking all over the world and releasing her first book - You Are Not Lost - which everyone should read.


Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and how you got there!

I’m Maxie! I’m on this earth to facilitate women’s stories to support the global rise of women. I got my start in women’s leadership building global offline communities (i.e. I got paid to travel the world talking to women about their careers). I was having so many conversation around what it meant to be a woman in this world, I started a blog to write about these universal experiences we were all having. After a few years of that, and building a following, and getting all sorts of requests – it became clear that there was a business to create. Slowly but surely I’ve built my voice around giving women the tools they need to believe in themselves. Now, I write a ton, work with brands on campaigns that support women, and speak at conferences and companies around the world.


Your first book, You're Not Lost, was published this past year - could you talk to us about that process, where you drew inspiration and how it feels to be seeing your book in so many hands and in stores like Urban Outfitters?

It’s unbelievable. Truly. Writing has always been my first love, so to see real women holding my real book is the stuff of dreams. And it was no easy dream to make happen! It was a three year journey from when I started my book proposal to when my book came out – and if we’re being real I was writing my whole life to prepare for this. It’s a constant reminder to me that good things take time. So much time. You’ve got believe in yourself and your ideas more than the rejection.


We see you traveling to speak and MC at different events all over the country - what is your favorite thing about that? Are there specific messages you want to hit home with all audiences? What has been the most out of this world moment at one of the events?

There’s nothing more magical to me than what happens between the four walls of a physical space. Shared experience among women is one of the greatest tools we have. Whether I’m leading a workshop, a keynote, or a stage, my goal is always to ask the questions that lead us all back to our own wisdom. Women’s stories do that, and I’m simply a facilitator of that magic. My favorite moment was probably a Red Bull event in Tampa, FL when I was asked a question after my talk that I couldn’t answer (which happens often). Instead, I asked if someone in the audience had wisdom they’d like to share about this particular topic. Before I knew it, I was running the mic for an hour as the 250+ women shifted their focus to supporting each other, asking and answering one another’s questions.


You spend so much time traveling, what are a few things you do to re-charge or practice self care on the road (and at home)?

I plan my trips around sleep, especially if I have a big event coming up. I leave my phone in another room at home (and away from the bed in hotels). I chug water. I bring my gratitude journal with me on the road. Honestly, I’ve found that the greatest self care is in the consistency of tiny choices.


What would you tell someone who is struggling to find their purpose right now?

As my friend Dr. Lauren likes to say, “You are your purpose.” To which I say A(wo)MEN!! Which goes along with everything I believe that we are our own answers – to where our lives are going, to what to do next, to figuring this wild life out. Sometimes, we just need to slow down, ask ourselves the right questions (like what lights me up? What makes me feel proud? What brings me energy?) and then go do something impossibly small day in and day out around that energy.


What do you do to stay sane during this presidency?

I don’t watch the news.


What is your favorite female founded or run company?

Besides yours?? Besides my own?? Ha! OH, SO MANY. Here’s the ones I use on the reg:

Cora (organic tampons, towlettes, and the tampon necklace that’s changed my lifeeee!)

Create + Cultivate (best community for creative women out there!)

Micale Lynn (Their scrunchies are EVERYTHING)

ShineText (daily pep talks sent via text)


What is your protest slogan?



What does Feminism, or being a Feminist mean to you?

Equality for all women. And the responsibility to create a world that holds women’s unique qualities – as equal.


Where can we find you online?

Maxiemccoy.com (for weekly inspirational writing)

maxiemccoy.com/youre-not-lost (to buy my book!)

@maxiemccoy on IG and @maxiemccoy on Twitter


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