Dog Days Of Summer Release

☀️ Here is CLT temperatures are in the mid 90s and it is hot AF - the dog days of summer are officially here (Snugs, Fig and their baby pool agree).

In the spirit of summer and all of the sunny, warm and beautiful days ahead of us - and the infinite amount of dog walks we will be taking - I am releasing two new dog collars for your pups so they can make a statement this summer. ☀️

First, the Pee On The Patriarchy collar - because the patriarchy deserves a good stream and your pup is ready to give it.

Second, the I Bite Misogynists collar - because those assholes deserve to be bitten and your pup is ready to let them know to stay far, far away from you.

Snap one up, snap it on your fur baby and head out into the summer in style.

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