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Brands We Are Shopping With This Holiday Season

Brands We Are Shopping With This Holiday Season


With holiday season right around the corner I wanted to share a list of small businesses with you that I will be shopping from this holiday season - businesses I believe in and love. If you're looking for the perfect place to snag gifts for the ones you love, here's what I recommend:


Rachel Tenny - I'm a daily wearer (this can't be a word) of my Already Enough hat and have mailed out affirmations from her packs to friends in cards to put on their mirrors for daily reminders. Spread the positivity.

Pretty Honest Candles - I should probably go ahead and quit my job to become a candle evangelist, but TRUST ME the holiday scents are out of this world.

Janet Gwen - I just bought the marble AirPods case and am obsessed. My laptop is also the proud wear-er (this is still not a word) of the marble laptop case.

Worthy & Badass - I  have been wearing my custom stamped Taurus necklace for months. Get your zodiac on, or check out her other customs.

Ivy Weinglass - The obsession is real. I LOVE Ivy's work and use one of her coffee mugs at least a few times a week. Last year my brother got me a range vase for Christmas and I cried a lot of ugly tears of joy. 

Rosegrown - It took me MANY attempts before I was able to snag a planter, but I see a few things in the store right now that you can snag. RUN do not walk!

Evil Queen - Grinch Please and Icy Bitch forever. Incredible scents, sassy labels. Perfect gifts.

Helen Levi - Particularly in love with the Artists Mug and the Beach Spoon Crock.

Sarah K. Benning - If embroidery is your thing, Sarah is the holy grail. I am particularly fond of her "United" hoop, although it's not at all in my budget.

Eloeil - Insanely, insanely beautiful wall hanging rainbows. I want to decorate my house top to bottom in them.

Fat Pom Poms - The most beautiful tinsel earrings and wreaths (peep the title image here and what earrings I'm wearing)!

31 Suns Studio - I am next level obsessed with my Zendaya earrings. NEXT LEVEL I TELL YOU!

Cosmic Creative - My mind honestly exploded the first time I saw her cutting boards - talk about functional art. You need one. Everyone needs one.

Lucy Michel - You 100% need a candle holder or vase immediately. I love the way that Lucy does structural ceramics. Stunning. 

Mandaleigh Artwork - It is my full intention to buy a pop art portrait of Snugs and Fig ASAP. 

Secret Holiday Co - One of her "The Magic Is In You" flags hangs in my office and I love love it. Simple messages that we all need to hear, artfully done.

Negative Underwear - Welcome to my favorite ever underwear brand. It feels like having nothing on and looks beautiful - personally I recommend the "whipped" line.

MegaBabe - I cannot live without Bust Dust and Thigh Rescue. 


As you can tell - I am obsessed with pottery, things that smell wonderful and words that speak to my soul. What are you hoping for for Christmas? What businesses should be added to this list?