A Very Queer Feminist Pride

This #Pride season I did something that I’ve never done before - shared the fact that I am queer on Feminist Goods Co. If you missed it, you can take a peek at what I said here.

I’ve been talking for years now about being queer with my close friends, putting together the different pieces of things that I had thought over the years (like “hey, maybe I’m so into her because I want to be like her”) to complete the picture of myself that I had been seeing hazily for more than a decade. As my best friend put it when we talked about it “I’ve seen you drunk make out with enough girls to know.”

There’s something so very interesting and intimate about accepting yourself - and for years I’ve been walking that walk privately and among friends. Now, I look around myself, at a time when we are going through social and political regression that is taking us to a pre-stonewall like era, and think to myself that I have the chance to change lives by being visible.

I deeply wish that I had seen queer women speaking when I was younger. I wish that I had seen them happy, successful and fulfilled. I wish that I head heard more people talk about them warmly, with love and support. If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t hear queer women talked about at all. Maybe, maybe, in terms of porn, but never in terms of people in the world living their lives to the fullest.

Which brings me to where I am now, open and ready to speak on it and on myself to the best of my ability. It has been so, so easy for me to pass as straight for my entire life. As a femme and as a person who has spent a great many years in monogamous relationships (or relationshits) with men - as a person who is currently in a committed relationship with a male partner.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to use my voice - and I’m sure that it will continue to evolve. I hope you will be here with me as it does. What I hope to do here, by being myself visibly, is to encourage others. To show that it is possible to be happy, successful, creative and free AND be queer. That we all deserve friends and family that love and support us regardless of who we want to sleep with - and that we SHOULD have that.

I can step off of the soap box for now, but expect more on this here. Because love is for everyone. Happiness is for everyone. Success is for everyone. Family is for everyone. Friendship is for everyone.

Happy #WorldPride my loves - I hope it was a sparkly one.

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