15 Sex Positive Influencers We Should All Follow

15 Sex Positive Influencers We Should All Follow

Recently I’ve been making an effort to change the way that my feeds look. I’ve been creating a feed that mirrors what I want my life to look like and includes people who are creating a world I want to be a part of. I’m adding people that look at the world with a sex positive lens, because why on earth would we want to look at it any other way?

So, without further ado, here is a list of people that I’ve added to my feed who I think you’d enjoy too.

  1. Gigi Engle - Sex educator.

  2. Erika Lust - Indie adult film maker.

  3. Zoe Ligon - Owner of fab sex store, Spectrum Boutique.

  4. Ev’Yan Whitney - Sexuality doula™ + Educator.

  5. Luna Dietrich - Sex educator, writer, teacher of sex and self love classes.

  6. Shan Bodram - Sexologist & author.

  7. Karley Sciortino - Host & EP of Slutever, co-writer nowapocalypse.

  8. Raquel Savage - Board Certified Sex Coach.

  9. Ericka Hart - Sex educator, Racial/Social/Gender Justice Disruptor, Host of Hoodrat to Headwrap.

  10. Shelby Sells - Writer & Sexologist.

  11. Tasneem Nathari - Student of Black Feminism.

  12. Lizzo - Bop Star™️.

  13. Sonalee Rashatwar - (she/they) non binary bemme, trauma therapist, rad fat politic.

  14. Grace Victory - Creator, speaker & trainee counsellor. Helping women to step into their power.

  15. Ashleigh Tribble - Intersectional feminist. Artist. Activist.


Here’s to a better feed for all of us.

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