13oz Mug Release

☕ Good morning to all of my coffee and tea drinkers! You, my friends, will be so thrilled with this mug release!

There are two major releases as part of this and they are as follows.

Wake The Heck Up Mug - our classic design got a major size upgrade here. bye bye to 8 oz, hello to 13 oz. More space for your favorite beverage.

Here's a watermelon smoothie recipe featuring this mug!

Tired Humans Club Mug - a BRAND SPANKIN NEW MUG FOR YOU FRIEND! This one is for all of my multiple cups of caffeine a day people. This one is for my TIRED HUMANS. Featuring the absolutely cutest skull on planet earth and some hand lettering, this mug is begging to be added to your rotation.

Here's a cute little video of coffee in this mug!


I won't tell if you put some bubbly, brews, mixed drinks or wine in this mug either - the world is your oyster.


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