Real Talk: Why We Should All Let Our Freak Flags Fly

freak flag

Everyone is always talking about letting their freak flags fly, but I ask you this - how many people do you see actually flying them?

Obviously I don't mean a literal flag in your front yard that says freak, although if that's your jam I support it... I mean embracing our own weirds. 

Yeah, it's scary. Because some of us (read: me) are extremely freaky... but what the hell is life without some weirdness?

You should fly that freak flag because...




Who wants to be boring and normal? Not this bitch. Who wants to come home at the end of the day and feel like they have to take their public face off (not talking about makeup here)? Who wants to flop on their couch and feel the pressing weight of humanity falling on top of them? 

Okay, the way I phrased that last one could in fact be fun. Pressing weight of humanity... get it? Heh.

The point is this - stifling yourself will absolutely murder your creativity. 

It may not happen overnight, but in the long run hiding that freak flag will lead you down a whitewashed path that you don't recognize when you look around. 

It's much better to fly that flag loud and proud. Promise.