Real Talk: Uncommitted Commitments


You know those things that you promise yourself you are going to start doing.... but then when it comes time to change anything you're like... nah...

Those things. They are everywhere, swirling around my life like a long honey-do list that I am absolutely never going to complete (honestly because I never had the intention of completing it in the first place). Essentially anything can fall onto this list - from serious tasks to the most mundane of behaviors. All that these items have in common is my uncommitted commitment to them.  

1. Develop a trendy wardrobe.

2. Wash my hair daily... okay, fine... shower daily.

3. Commit to an exercise regimen. 

4. Increase water intake. Decrease coffee intake.

5. Create and stick to a budget that includes all bills and due dates.

6. Frame all of the prints laying around my apartment.

7. Become real southern woman and learn how to make biscuits.

8. Get the dog a haircut every month. 

9. Fill the car up with gas before it is almost negative.

10. Wash cutting block before or after every use.