The Real Resolution of 2018


I have always half assed my New Years Resolutions, if I'm being honest. Every year I sit back and think to myself any one of the following things:

  • This is the year I get in shape!
  • This is the year I stop eating approximately five pounds of cheese a day!
  • This is the year I stop ordering everything from Amazon instead of interacting with human beings in stores!
  • This is the year I finally start dressing like I give a shit!

Not five minutes later and I am laying on the sofa, eating cheese, ordering presents to myself from Amazon while wearing Pjs. Can't even make it a full day without doing one of the things that I am apparently not doing anymore. 

Which is why this year I'm taking a different approach. One that feels a little bit more like me and a little bit less like a chore that I already know I'm not going to do.

I'm picking a word for the year. Something that I can attach to without feeling like it's an unattainable thing, thus dropping it the second I "commit" to doing it. I hesitate to say an "intention" because for years my mother (a student and teacher of yoga and a generally bizarrely zen human being) used to ask me to set intentions and I hated it ... even though when I stop to think about it that is absolutely something I would love (sorry mom), I just needed to find it for myself. 

So, 2018, what is your word?

After all, 2017 was a complete and utter shit show by so many standards. Although, it was a year in which I can accurately say that I found my happy both personally and professionally (duh, this was the year I launched In Unrelated News!). I had been looking for my happy for a long ass time. So, 2017 wasn't all bad. But now that I'm here, I want to keep working forward/upward, you feel me?

Which is why I have landed on explore

Why explore? Because it allows for room, growth, passion, experimentation, failure, success and enthusiasm all at the same time. Because it not only applies to literal exploration of the world, but to the exploration of this business and its needs. It applies to the exploration that I am yearning for in terms of new art forms (I'm starting a pottery class next week to start!). It applies to me as a person and the exploration that I still need to do with myself, the continuation of getting to know and embrace me, as I am, without the desire to change aspects of myself.

In 2018 I  am committed to exploring. Come along with me?