The Anatomy Of A Girl Gang

Image of Amanda by the incredible  Sarah Slusarick

Image of Amanda by the incredible Sarah Slusarick

The way that a girl gang comes together is a beautiful thing.

Unrivaled in the world of friendship. Unbeatable in the world of support. Inextinguishable in the world of joy. 

A girl gang is a force of nature. Made up of individual pieces and personalities that come together to create something stronger than themselves alone. They create something incredible to witness. 

When I take a look at my girl gang I see so many things to be grateful for. There is, of course, the unwavering support of anyone and everyone - no matter how harebrained the idea. There are the late night and early morning motivational talks that we all need... and honestly depend on. There is the celebration - of every single milestone and adventure from a graduation to the finalizing of a divorce. There are countless hours spent on the phone, in the group text, around a table, sipping wine out of stemless glasses (because obviously). There are days spent snuggled on the sofa, rummaging through each and every closet, ordering dinner in and putting on a face mask to watch shows from the 90s. There are so so many adventures to be had - from right at home to locations all across the globe. 

A girl gang is a home. No matter where you are. No matter what is happening. A girl gang will always always always be there. A girl gang is forever.

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