Real Talk: Things I Need Consistently To Be A Happy Human

Me on the most recent weekend getaway. Happy happy happy.

Me on the most recent weekend getaway. Happy happy happy.

Okay, this is going to be somewhat less serious than my normal posts, but it is equally important. If you are a creature of habit then you know what I am talking about here - there are some things that I need to have around in order to be a happy person. That's just the way it is. 

My friend Rachel, artist and mental health professional, told me recently that creative people stick to the same routine things because their brains need consistency outside of the creative process. Which makes complete and utter sense to me. I buy the same things at the grocery store because I am already using the creative aspect of my brain elsewhere, and it's just nice to know what is going to be in the fridge at all times. It's easy. It's routine. It's dependable and doesn't take me much time to decipher what to eat. 

So, I have come to notice that there are certain things I need to have in order to function and be happy. What are they? Read on:

  • Coffee. Every morning. At least two cups.
  • Noosa yogurt. It's expensive. I love it. It's perfect. Particularly the lemon.
  • Kombucha. I make it, I buy it. I need it.
  • A good book. Unrelated to anything I am doing. A brain escape. Currently reading Hunger by Roxane Gay, highly recommend.
  • A completely unreasonable amount of pens. Brand preferences: Le Pen & Paper Mate.
  • Getaway weekends with friends. Snuggle. Explore. Reset. Repeat.

And there you have it. Those things don't guarantee happiness, but they do put a strong foot forward toward it. 

What do you need to be happy?