Real Talk: Sh*t You Don't Need

you don't need

I hear you, I hear you. You have a certain person in your life because they always have been. You go to certain activities because you promised you would. You go to your office job because that's what adults to. You do this and that and the other thing... but you're miserable.

Good news - there's a huge list of shit you don't need - and I'm in a sharing mood.

  1. Friends that suck. You know those people you've had around forever but they drain you? A person who constantly tears apart whatever you're working on? The person who compliments you... but drags you at the same time.
  2. Shitty coffee. What the f*ck is the point?
  3. A negative internal narrative. You f*cking rock. You do. It's not up for negotiation, so tell that little voice to stuff it.
  4. A budget that doesn't allow for fun. Wine night should be a line item in your budget list. Trust and believe.
  5. The "perfect" body. What the $%^#$%&#$^%& EVEN IS THIS?! Can I get heated here for a second? The perfect body is bullshit. Embrace yourself.
  6. Books you don't like. If you keep putting it down then just put it the eff down! I will never get back the wasted hours of my life spent on The Goldfinch and I don't care if you like it.
  7. An old loofah. Thank me later.