Real Talk: I'm Taking A Backpack For Two Weeks In Thailand & Cambodia

Leaving on a jet plane with  The Traveller

Leaving on a jet plane with The Traveller

If you've been following along with me on Instagram then you know I am headed out for an adventure in Thailand  and Cambodia (actually, when this posts I will be smack dab in the middle of said adventure on the other side of the world). 

If you've read the homepage of this website you know that Thailand will be the 29th country that I have visited. 

That's a lot of travel. It's a lot of exploration, of seeing new and different places. It's also a hell of a lot of packing.

At this point I consider myself a professional packer - holla atcho girl for hourly rates (kidding, please do not, although I'm happy to share tips).

The best travel bag I have ever owned is my current: the Osprey 36 liter. It stands up to travel extremely well (duh) and it fits exactly the right amount of clothing without allowing me to overpack. It simplifies things. If it doesn't fit in the pack it isn't going on the trip so prioritize accordingly. There will be none of the "oh I wear basically the same thing every day, but I should plan to change three times a day on this trip" thought process.

At the same time, I'll admit that while I wear a variation of leggings and a t-shirt every single day I do have visions of travel photos that include adorable, fashion blogger status outfits (which we all know I am not). Not going to happen, instead there will be many pictures of me in rotating outfits that look basically the same.

What's going in the pack:

  • My absolute favorite black leggings from Lululemon (x4)
  • 1 pair of black Allbirds plus the purple pair on my feet 
  • 1 giant black wrap scarf that my dad gave me for Christmas about five years ago
  • 2 black tanks from Anthropologie
  • 1 cute black dress from Free People for any potential fashion blogger shots (ha) that may occur at temples in which I need to cover both knees and shoulders 
  • Three t-shirts from ASOS, a color variation (black, white, grey)
  • 1 La Blanca bathing suit in guess what color? You nailed it, black.
  • 1 beachy dress, similar to this one from Free People but an old version
  • 1 Kimono from Amazon because I need something that isn't black (?)
  • My travel pjs from Target (yes, i'm weird and have specific travel pjs)
  • 1 travel size tube of Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser and Body Hero Wash 
  • 1 Lush shampoo bar, 1 Lush conditioner bar
  • The Traveller pin, duh

Fifteen days of outfits (kind of), let us thank the gods for travel laundry abilities (even if it includes washing your clothes in the shower with yourself), so prepare to see pictures of me in what looks like the same thing a lot. 

If you wondered if I wear clothing that isn't black I will take this moment to remind you that I did pack one pair of purple shoes.