Real Talk: Being Self Critical

self critical

Since when did we all become so self-critical. As if we don’t place enough pressure on ourselves it has become such a popular and pervasive movement of self-criticizing. 

I don’t know about you, but if I sit down and think about it long enough I can come up with a scarily long list of things about myself that aren’t perfect, things that I can criticize myself about. Each of these things starts out feeling small and insignificant, like that pair of pants that I can no longer fit into. 

But, give me thirty minutes alone in a room with those pants and when you come back I may be catatonic. We can be our worst enemies. 

I’m not sure how this trend started, or what we have to do to break the circle, but in my opinion self-criticizing doesn’t do you any good. Think of it this way. When you see someone talking badly about a good friend of yours it makes you mad. I can often start to feel my blood pressure and temperature rising. I find myself thinking “what the fuck is wrong with you people?!” When you hear people tearing other people down your immediate reaction is to change that, to protect that person, to tell these nagging assholes to shut the hell up and keep it moving, nobody needs that kind of negativity.

Now, imagine you are criticizing yourself. Maybe it’s your pants, maybe it’s your career, your relationship, your job. Whatever that case may be, imagine that you walk in on yourself tearing yourself down. Tell your shit talking self to back off. 

We should be lifting ourselves up, not tearing ourselves down. There are enough people in this world that will tear us down, why create an enemy in your own camp?

This critical nature has got to stop. There is no way to be happy with yourself if you continually rip yourself to shreds. 

You can do it. I believe in you.