Questions I Need Answered - Dating

dating and ditching.jpg

1. How can I find the perfect man without having to speak to anyone?

2. How can I avoid fuckboys but still use dating apps?

3. How can I let my freak flag fly without scaring away potential suitors?

4. How can I make a meal and appear somewhat domestic without knowing how to cook?

5. How can I make my boyfriend do exactly what I want, when I want, without nagging?

6. How can I wear leggings 100% of the time we are together but still appear sexy?

7. How can I appear interesting, while still getting the approx. 9 hours of needed Netflix time on the weekend?

8. How can I smoothly tell him that I steal both the blankets and the pillows?

9. How can I hide my secret addiction to cheese?

10. How can I giggle becomingly at jokes, instead of cackle manically at dark humor?