Questions I Need Answered - Unpacking

My trusty dusty  Osprey , backpack of my dreams and perfect travel bag

My trusty dusty Osprey, backpack of my dreams and perfect travel bag

If you're following along with me on Instagram you know that I got home from my trip to Thailand on Sunday... which means that I have been looking at the worlds largest pile of laundry for about a week now, with absolutely zero movement towards doing it. 

  1. Why is it that unpacking is so daunting? Every time.
  2. Does it count as unpacking if I just unzip the top of my pack and dump the clothing out on the floor in the closet?
  3. If I leave all of my clothes in the bag does that mean that time will reverse and I will wake up tomorrow to find myself back on the trip?  
  4. Should I actually bother with trying to sort clean and dirty clothes? Or should I call them all dirty? I'm calling them all dirty. 
  5. Do people unpack their toiletry bags from trips? Is it socially acceptable for me to just pitch that whole section of my bag into a corner in the closet and ignore it until the next trip?
  6. Are you supposed to wash clothing souvenirs before giving them to people?