Questions I Need Answered - Sh*t We Learned In School


1. Why do I know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but I have no idea how to do my taxes?

2. Why can I understand a completely dead language, yet I have not mastered the one I am actually speaking?

3. Why do I know the Franz Ferdinand's assassination started WW1, but I do not know how to calmly disengage from an argument?

4. Why do I know *literally anything*, yet have not enough experience for a job application?

5. Why can I get down with statistics, but had no idea what percentage of my paycheck should go towards rent post grad?

6. Why did I watch graphic birthing videos sex ed, but didn't learn a stitch about how women orgasm?

7. Why do I know the legal names for over 100 communications cases, but I didn't know how to write an RFP?

8. Why do I know math formulas for days, but literally learned nothing about money management?

9. Why did I learn how to work for A's, but had no idea how to negotiate a compensation package at my first job?

10. Why do I know how to stick to a two inches above the knee, three fingers to the shoulder dress code, but I have no idea how to dress like a professional?