Questions I Need Answered - Professional Mermaids


The most important question that could ever be asked is ... HOW DO I BECOME A PROFESSIONAL MERMAID? However, there are a few other things that crossed my mind...

1. How did this become a profession?

2. Where do I buy my tail bathing suit & are there specialty designers?

3. How much can one charge for "mermaiding" lessons?

4. Where my mer-men at?

5. Are there custom made boob-shells?

6. Do professional mermaids have side gigs? Is the mermaiding a side gig?

7. Do I need to practice holding my breath for this? Are there scuba tanks? How does the whole needing to breathe thing work? Do I surface like a whale (which is possibly what I would resemble in this situation)?

8. If I meet prince charming do I have to give up my voice?

9. Is ursula real? 

10. Do professional mermaids hace dancing, singing crab and fish friends?