Questions I Need Answered: Long Haul Flights

Time for takeoff, featuring  The Traveller  pin

Time for takeoff, featuring The Traveller pin

So, I'm going to Thailand and the flights and layovers mean that I am going to be in travel mode for thirty hours. It's going to be planes, trains and automobiles (plus I'm sure a skytrain when I land in Bangkok) and although I fly extremely frequently and I have done many long flights this one is going to be a beast of a different variety. More than a full day in travel mode.

That being said, naturally, I have questions:

  1. What are the necessary items to bring for entertainment for that many hours?
  2. What is the best travel neck pillow on the market?
  3. How many times am I going to have to pee on this trip?
  4. Should I take a sleeping pill for the middle flight? (which is going to be 10+ hours)
  5. Would it be weird to do a baby wipe "shower" in the bathroom half way?
  6. Can I wear a face mask on the flight?
  7. Is it acceptable to wear slippers on long haul flights? Asking for a friend
  8. How many snacks should I pack?
  9. Can I get tipsy, and un-get tipsy AND take a nap?
  10. What absolutely essential item am I going to forget? Or will it be multiples?

Wish me luck. If you have any tips for long travel days