Questions I Need Answered - Jet lag

The Traveller keeping me sane

The Traveller keeping me sane

As of today I am two days into recovering from my trip to Thailand (which you will hear all about). The jet lag is real. Uncomfortably real. Like wake up in the middle of the night / want to go to sleep in the middle of the day uncomfortable. 

The exhaustion is real, and my delirium has a few questions.

1. Why is it always easier to go to a different time zone than it is when you come back?

2. How long is it exactly that it takes to get over an eleven hour time difference?

3. Is there a way to cheat the system here?

4. Should I have planned for additional PTO so I could just sleep?

5. Can someone please come over, feed me, fluff my pillow and pull the blinds?