Questions I Need Answered - Healthy Ice Cream

at my favorite place around -  Mr. K's

at my favorite place around - Mr. K's

Over the past few years there has been an influx of healthy ice cream hitting the market. From Halo Top to the new Breyers low calorie ice cream there are tons of options. That being said, unpopular option alert: why?

If I am going to eat ice cream, let it be the fully unhealthy kind. 

Let me revel in the correct texture of ice cream, not be distracted by its oddly crystallized texture.  I can't be the only one that feels this way. Questions?

1. Are you just pretending to be a tasty treat?

2. How can you claim to be the most delectable of things for a measly few hundred calories a pint?

3. Which of you makes low-cal ice cream that actually resembles ice cream texture? (Answer: Breyers, you're welcome)

4. If you're less calories... does that mean I get to eat twice as much?

5. Who TF comes up with these textures? GROSS. Looking at you, Halo Top.

6. If I'm going to eat ice cream and feel somewhat guilty about it... should I just eat the real thing?

7. Is this sh*t actually any better for you than real ice cream? Or is it just more/different chemicals? (a la Splenda v sugar argument)