No, We DON'T Need A Straight Pride Parade

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, this is so obvious. Why is this even a blog post?” You know what, I totally agree. However, a handful of straight, cis-gendered people do NOT understand why we don’t need a Straight Pride ANYTHING.

First and foremost, when have heterosexual people been discriminated against? I’ll wait. Did straight people have to make organizations where they would host secret social functions? No, but the Daughters of Bilitis did in 1955. When was it illegal to be straight in the United States? It wasn’t. EVER. In as late as 1961, Illinois became the first state to decriminalize homosexuality. Did straight people ever have to face raids for being who they are? No, but the LGBTQ+ community did during the illogical, horrific Stonewall riots, where many were beaten and shamed and that’s just one instance.


So no, straight, cis-gendered people, we don’t need a straight pride anything. We are not marginalized by our sexual orientation. We live in a heteronormative world where it’s safe for us to show affection to our significant others, while our LGBTQ+ family are not safe. We can count on any bakery to bake us a cake for weddings, because we aren’t discriminated against for being straight. We can join the military to fight for our country if that’s what our hearts truly desire, while Trump pushes a ban against trans people. And finally, we are portrayed in everything; we are represented everywhere.


 There is no need to have an uplifting Straight Pride Month because we have not been victims of oppression for being straight and/or cisgendered. Instead of sulking because a single month is not about you, remember, you have eleven other months where you can live freely, without oppression or fear. 

Iris HudsonComment