My League: Sunflour Baking Company

sunflour baking company

If you are looking for me on a Monday you can find me at Sunflour Baking Company in Charlotte (specifically the Dilworth location). The love affair started with the location on 7th street, but has completely transitioned to the East Blvd. haunt. In fact this spot has become my go-to spot for co-working with my bestie, Rachel Tenny, it's cozy, cute and has great light (and snacks).



  • Pimento & tomato panini on rosemary bread

  • Drip coffee


Behind the scenes:

You will see me spread out across a four person table, likely on my third or fourth cup of coffee, hair sticking straight out of by thrown together top knot. You will find me (sometimes) frantically pounding the keyboard. You will get an inside look at the somewhat alarming amount of love I have for Sunflour's rosemary bread.