My League: Not Just Coffee

not just coffee

There are few things in this world that I love more than I love coffee (I may or may not be a complete and utter caffeine freak). Which brings me to my local love, Not Just Coffee. This place reminds me of Portland, which means I feel right at home being as weird as I want underneath their neon sign in their Packard Place location (which you should definitely check out on the inside wall if you stop in). 



  • Avocado toast. Seriously, it will change your life. Cracked red pepper, tomatoes, olive oil drizzle.... typing this is making me hungry.
  • Donna Chai tea. This is the chai tea to end Chai Teas. Get it iced, you will not regret it.


Behind the scenes:

I can often be found at one of the huge side tables hunched over the computer typing away while sucking down a massive donna chai and snacking on the world's most perfect avocado toast (seriously, yum). It's hard to feel frantic in such a homey spot, so you may see me shooting the shit with the baristas about their tattoos, or hungrily eyeballing the home made pop tarts as a second breakfast.