Real Talk: I Love Beer More Than You & I'm Not Sorry About It

i love beer

If you every find yourself on my shit list (although obviously you lovely creatures never would) the fastest way to get off of it is to buy me a new, interesting and preferably sour beer to try. Not one... like a six pack. 

Unless it's a big one. But I digress.

It's a love story for the ages, me and beer. We make the perfect couple. We have the most romantic Netflix and chill dates under the covers. We clean up well for backyard barbecues in the summer. We cuddle up like champions in front of the fireplace during the winter. We can go for long periods of time in silence without feeling awkward. We can put our lips against each other every few seconds and no one complains about our PDA. 

That's how cute we are. 

I'm an equal opportunity beer lover. I've laid my lips on everything from a Bud Light **internal shudder** to a Duchesse De Bourgogne. All manner of brews, from pale ale's to stouts, have entered my temple (is this getting weird yet?).

Few things make me happier than a new beer to try (read: nothing) and that is something I will never apologize for. In fact, if you would want me to apologize for it I am going to have to ask you to kindly shut the hell up.