Real Talk: How Not To Practice Self Care

self care

Like a chore...

Self care is the trendiest of trendy things right now, so everyone has hopped on the bandwagon including yours truly. To be honest sometimes the thought of self care makes me feel a little bit like "how to be effortless" by Julie Houts.

Since self care has become such a trendy item it seems like everyone around has a list of ways to practice it. 

The question is... is it really self care if it's just a tick box item? Or is it more of a chore?

If you're running through your weekend checking off errands ...

  • Grocery store
  • Farmers market
  • Shower
  • Brewery
  • Face mask
  • Snuggle with partner

... at what point does it become just another thing that you are trying to jam into your schedule? When we become so regimented are we even able to take the moments we need to relax and really practice self care?

I don't want to schedule my time sipping coffee on my porch surrounded by my plants. I don't want to schedule sex with my partner. I have no interest in planning to do a Saturday evening face mask for 20 minutes after I shower before I walk the dog and before I head out for the night.

Feeling like you have to keep up with yourself can suuuuuck (lets be honest). It's like spending the 40 minutes on your makeup to achieve a "natural" look. What is the point?

Can we please just agree to outlaw the term "practice" in relation to self care? How about we just care for ourselves? How about we just spend some time, whenever the urge strikes us to listen to our hearts, bodies and minds. To recognize what we need and want for ourselves and to just do it. 

No schedule, no box, no check mark.