Real Talk: 5 Things You Should Know About Lauren


1. If it can be answered with a one-liner, I'm there.

2. I have a golden retriever mix named Snuggles. His alternate name is "The Prince," because he insists on sleeping in the bed, under the covers, with a pillow - and only in little spoon position. [Alternative fun fact: when I adopted him he was named Swag]

3. I have been to 28 countries and am constantly planning my next destination. Most recent trip? Cuba. Next up on the list? Thailand. Favorite place? Scotland (but I lived there, so I might be biased).

4. I have three tattoos. Two that I love, one that I hate. Remember when you were a teenager and thought that you knew everything (including what you would like stamped on your body for the rest of forever)? Me neither. I was 20. 

5. The path to my heart is paved with good intentions. Just kidding, it's paved with Tom Petty lyrics.