Feminist Feature: Sarah Turner Wells

Sarah Turner Wells

Sarah Turner Wells is a culinary badass. Not only that, she’s the kind of person that lights up every single room she walks into. She is genuine, kind, excited and for as long as I have known here (a long time) she has been a radiant light of support for women around her. She is the perfect person to talk to about snacks, drinks, travel and self awareness.

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and how you got there!

My name is Sarah Turner Wells; I am a constantly-curious young adult, with a passion for learning and chatting about food and beverage interactions with identity and narrative. I am currently building my own project-based business within the culinary industry in Los Angeles, CA. After graduation Elon University with a Religious Studies degree, I attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University at their Charlotte based campus. Upon graduation I worked within the Charlotte food scene to develop skills in culinary, pastry, beverage, management, even planning, and marketing.

You just made a huge move from the East Coast to the West Coast - tell us about what inspired you and how the transition is going?

Moving across the country is undoubtedly one of the most interesting decisions and experiences of my life. I was born in Orange County, so moving back to CA is a bit like coming home. My eagerness to continue learning and experiencing a multitude of flavors within the industry brought me to a diverse and varied culinary scene in a new place I felt I could nurture into a temporary home.

Talk to us about the food scene - who should we be following? What should we be eating?

I am still actively exploring and learning about the food scene in LA-which I believe to be a never ending pursuit. I can only share upon my limited experience (apparently moving to Beverly Hills puts pressure on your spending), but I have been to some of the best (and worst) restaurants of my life since moving here.

A few of special note:

Excited to try:

And honestly so so so many more...

What is your favorite easy meal to make at home that we can try?

I am a big fan of meal prep, and within that I love making one-pot dishes that only get better the longer they sit. Indian food is a soft spot of mine along with homemade hummus. Most of my lunches are a mixed bowl of what I meal prepped for other people on top of quinoa and doused in some type of sauce.

If you were going to run for office, what position would you go for and why?

I would love to work in environmental policy focusing on eco activism and food sourcing. Our relationship with food and the planet are intertwined. These lessons of conservation can be applied to our personal lives and are our only shot as a species.

What do you think we can do to support democratic politicians right now?

Fucking Vote. Do not shy away from political conversations, question your beliefs, and make yourself so damn approachable, people feel comfortable to question their own.

What is your favorite female founded or run company?

Well shit...I seem to be extremely biased ;). I love Feminist Goods Co as Lauren is a young entrepreneur with vigor, passion, fearlessness, and kindness.

Amanda Britton is also BAD ASS

What is your protest slogan?

Fight like a girl

What does Feminism, or being a Feminist mean to you?

Its simple. It means equality for and within all expressions of gender.

Where can we find you online?

Find me on IG at @sarahturnerw !