Choose Your Battles (Even When People Try You)

A few weeks ago, our company came under attack from a misogynist group for promoting feminism. We received a bunch of hate mail, disgusting phone calls, comments, and more. Even though this hate came from pure ignorance. it still did a number on our mental health and quite frankly, our physical health as well (anyone else here in the panic attack family?). However, even with hate mail filled with misogynistic and downright disgusting jokes, our founder, Lauren, managed to stay cool, calm, and collected. While sitting back and being angry for her, I realized something: Always choose your battles, even when people are wild.  


Yeah, I get it. Choosing your battles can be so hard especially when you feel like everyone and their mama is TRYING you. Trust me, I get so heated over the smallest things. However, it takes more in high school and even currently in college. I would constantly have to defend myself even when the conversation had nothing to do with politics. However, after a while, I realized that they aren’t arguing with me to learn more; they’re trying to get under my skin. In that moment, I chose not to fight people who aren’t open-minded enough to listen to me. 


Choosing your battles can apply to various events that happen in your life. It could be choosing to pick another parking spot, after someone deliberately stole it from you. It could be deleting nasty hate comments from people on the internet because you don’t need that energy in your life. Whatever life throws at you, visit these four points: 

-      Is this person open-minded enough to receive what I am saying?

-      Is this going to bring more negative energy to me than necessary?

-      Is this justified or am I just angry?

-      Does this person matter to me? 

If you answer no for most or all of these questions, choose to let it go. Choose to focus on yourself. Choose to put your energy first. Sure, choosing your battles is easier said than done, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. If you know you will be left unsatisfied, try these: 

-      Write down your feelings on a piece of paper and tear it to absolute shreds.

-      Smash sh*t. Seriously. If you have one of those break rooms, take out all your stress in there. Have a pillow? Smash that sh*t. You may feel better after doing it. 

-      Meditate. Do breathing exercises. Do some yoga. Whatever helps you calm down, do it. 

Remember to choose your battles always, even when people are absolutely wild. In the end, your health and energy matters more than a pointless, heated, endless battle with ignorance. Protect that energy! 

Iris HudsonComment