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Feminist Feature: Amanda Gadsden

I currently work as a North American marketing analyst for Barings, an asset management and financial services firm headquartered here in Charlotte. My role involves setting strategy and executing on marketing plans that support our regional sales and investment teams. My journey to this point in my career has included a LOT of twists and turns, jobs that left me exhausted and unfulfilled, and countless sleepless nights spent wondering what the hell I was doing with my life. What I know for sure is that God really does work in mysterious ways, that there’s no one way to get to where you’re going, and that (as cliché as it sounds) everything does happen for a reason.

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Feminist Feature: Corri Smith

To me feminism means empowering women to seek whatever life goals they have, whether it's to be a powerhouse CEO, to own a business, to be the best bartender in the world, or a mother to 5. For them to have the comfortability and availability to get to where they want to be and to be respected along the way.

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