A Word On The 2018 Midterms

Image by  AshandChess

Image by AshandChess

By now I’m sure we have all talked about the results of the midterms until our ears and mouths are about to fall off, however, after all of the shouting I did about voting this voting season I feel like I need to say some things:

  1. The House Flip Is A Big Deal - Democrats now hold the house majority, which gives us the opportunity to launch investigations into Trump (and perhaps pursue impeachment), as well as evaluating his policies on health care, immigration, education and more.

  2. Women In The House - For the first time in history there will be at least 100 women in the House. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! First the house, next the presidency and the world.

  3. Diversity & Inclusion Matter - Across the country we elected leaders that are Native American, Muslim, African-American, Somali-American, Palestinian-American and LGBTQ. The rainbow wave has arrived and this election included more openly LGBTQ winners than any previous election. We broke barriers and elected leaders that look and think like us. Read all about it here.

I know many of us feel like the blue wave wasn’t as strong as we wanted it to be, especially with losses in the Beto and Gillium camps - with our woman Stacy Abrams refusing to concede as voter suppression in Georgia continues to come to light.

It’s true, we would have all liked to see 100% of democrats win their races and these losses do feel personal. That means that there is still work to do.

We have to keep up the momentum. There is still work to be done. White women are still voting republican in large numbers. We have to continue to educate, continue to raise our voices and continue to push for what matters. 2020 will be here before we know it. We’re still climbing a hill, so let’s keep working on our political fitness.

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