A Love Letter To Women on International Women's Day


You are magic. 

You balance all of the things and make it look effortless (most of the time). You build businesses and careers. You create and strengthen relationships with friends, family and lovers. You are working on your self care routine. You are staying up late to take that night class. You are waking up early just to try to fit in a few minutes of zen in the day. You are sweating your butt off in the gym to release stress. You are hurling your body into bed at the end of the day exhausted, but fulfilled by the chance to chase down all of the wild ideas and passions your mind can create.

You are so much more than the word beautiful. 

You are creative. You are brilliant. You are passionate. You are dedicated. 

You are a constant evolution. A woman making her way through this thing that we call life. Stopping along the way. Experiencing the ups and downs. Chasing the dreams. Growing and learning and reaching and striving. You are building yourself and building the life that you want to be leading every day. 

There is nothing more magical than that.