A Definitive Ranking Of the Best-Worst Christmas Movies On Netflix


Truth time - I watched an insane amount of bad Christmas movies this season. You know, the ones that are so terrible that they are almost good... but not quite. In case you didn't get your fill before Christmas I'm here to make sure you know how to get in the perfect dosage of these movies in a jiffy.


1. A Christmas Prince: Where on earth do I even start with this one? After Netflix Tweeted about people watching it every day I had to see it. I will admit, I was invested by the time this one ended. It's a classic romance - girl lies to boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy finds out girl is a horrible liar, girl runs away and drowns sorrow in small hometown, boy comes and proposes to girl even though they have only known each other for 5ish days. AND he's a prince. 

2. A Holiday Engagement: How can the classic Christmas love story be told in a different way from A Christmas Prince - I've got it! Girl gets dumped by asshole fiancé, girl decides to bring fake fiancé to family Thanksgiving, girl and fake fiancé fall in love, asshole real fiancé comes back, girl stupidly takes him back... then dumps his sorry ass and goes on an adventure to find her REAL LOVE aka Mr. Fake F, girl and fake F get married. All in say, a week.

3. Christmas Inheritance: Here we go guys! This one is for real. It goes a little something like this. Girl is a useless party animal engaged to some equally useless dude, she is "working" for her father, daddy dearest sees that she has "potential" and sends her to small town home to learn some lessons, girl falls in love with studly innkeeper and has visions of banging him in the inn (or was that my vision?), girls useless fiancé shows up and she leaves with him, only to discover that small town means more to her than he ever will. Girls dad is extremely proud and she is the new CEO and voilá innkeeper is her real and true love.

4. 12 Dates Of Christmas: Let's cut right to the chase - desperate girl attempts to win back her ex while re-living the same day over and over. Day includes a blind date with the guy we all know is her REAL TRUE LOVE. Takes her a million re-livings of this day to figure it out. It's almost too late, but it isn't.

5. Christmas Belle: The acting, oh my lanta, the acting. Seriously. So. So. So. Bad. I'm not even sure where the "good" in this theoretical list comes in... other than if you like some horrible cheesiness in the form of a knock off Beauty and the Beast. Here's a real line from the movie "your really want to go out with me? I'm not just a challenge?" HELP.


A quick aside - why is Haylie Duff in so many of these terrible Christmas movies? Was it a career move? Happy accident? Seriously, I swear she made an appearance or was a main character in at least half of the good/bad Christmas movies I watched this season (way too many).