Image by  Sarah Slusarick

What FEMINIST GOODS CO. is about:

We create clothing that is built on the belief that women are fucking powerhouses. That above all else, your clothing should represent your values, while donating money to help people just like you.

Our Core beliefs:

We believe that together we can make the world a safer, more equal place, while celebrating those we love.

We believe that we can form change one woman at a time, one conversation at a time and one protest at a time.

We believe that all feminism should be intersectional and that if we are together we can smash the mother fucking patriarchy.

We believe in dissenting. We believe in voting. We believe in representation.


 We donate 10% of our annual proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

 About The Founder:

With a serious love affair with travel, Lauren took a break from traveling the globe and immersing herself in other cultures to create a brand that celebrates and champions women. Since the inception of Feminist Goods Co. in 2015, Lauren has continued her relentless commitment to be a landing place for women to feel fought for and uplifted. Her incredible, thought-provoking writing has been featured in publications such as Everyday Feminism, Huffington Post, Redbook, Town & Country, XO Jane and others. Any time spent with Lauren leaves anyone feeling like they’ve got a serious fighter in their corner and an honest and responsive listener with whom they can share anything.